Welcome to the web site for the Duke University eLearning Roadmap Committee. This group is charged with the ongoing assessment of the eLearning needs of the campus community and identifying the tools, support and infrastructure that should be centrally provided. The committee will gather extensive input and feedback from the broad campus community of stakeholders (with a special focus on faculty and students) and will use this space to provide regular updates on the process and findings.

From August 2009 to October 2010, the eLearning Roadmap Group has focused its energies on investigations related to the Learning Management System environment, with the intent to identify future directions for Duke after the current Blackboard 8 contract expires in June 2012.

On October 31, 2010 the committee submitted the report of that investigation to Duke senior leadership. This report provides a recommendation for a successor to that platform along with supporting documentation. The eLearning Roadmap committee recommended choosing Sakai as the successor to the current Blackboard 8 implementation to best meet Duke’s immediate and long term needs.

This recommendation was approved and Duke is now engaged in a pilot with a limited number of courses and students utilizing a Sakai installation <Sakai Pilot Site>.

The eLearning Roadmap Group will remain engaged in the Sakai implementation project <link> while continuing to investigate the broader eLearning landscape.

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