Project team

The eLearning Roadmap Committee supports Duke University in planning, implementing and maintaining the most effective collection of technology services for teaching and learning. ¬†These services should provide students and faculty with tools and technologies that facilitate wide collaboration, extended access and delivery of learning content concordant with Duke’s strategic plan.¬† These services will promote the flexibility to integrate emerging applications, technologies, and media content, and will enable delivery capability to a wide array of devices and geographic locations.

eLearning Roadmap Committee

  • Ed Gomes (Trinity A&S) – Chair
  • Marilyn Lombardi (Nursing)
  • Jackie Gottlieb (Nursing)
  • Jeff Taekman (Medicine)
  • Lynne O’Brien (CIT)
  • Neal Caidin (CIT)
  • Amy Campbell (CIT)
  • Samantha Earp (OIT)
  • Chris Meyer (OIT)
  • Dwayne Marlowe (OIT)
  • Victoria Szabo (ISIS and Visual Studies)
  • Jim Daigle (Pratt)
  • Reed Criswell (Divinity)
  • Susan Gerbeth-Jones (Nicholas)
  • Wayne Miller (Law)
  • Pete Goldberg (Fuqua)
  • Paolo Mangiafico (Provost)
  • Neil Prentice (Sanford)
  • ex officio, Julian Lombardi (ASTS/OIT), Mark McCahill (Systems/OIT)

Others who have agreed to work with the committee on current activities

  • Paula Ecklund, Fuqua
  • Willie Jennings, Divnity
  • Dick MacPhail, Chemistry
  • Stephanie Helms Pickett, Student Affairs
  • Ken Rogerson, Sanford
  • Tom Schulz, NSOE
  • Marc Sperber, Duke Global Health Institute (DGHI)
  • Kristen Stephens, Education
  • Keith Whitfield, Psychology and Neuroscience


A core working group consisting of Ed Gomes, Samantha Earp, and Amy Campbell coordinates the overall logistics of the committee’s efforts, including scheduling meetings, facilitating subgroups working on specific activities, and organizing a series of faculty interviews and student focus groups (for more on this last process, see Your feedback.)